Wedding Packages

My wedding packages start at R6,500 and will then vary based on the size, duration and location of the wedding as well as the extras that are selected.

I don’t commit to or constrain my packages to a specific number of images as it is very difficult to know beforehand how many I will need to cover your day.  I will, however, commit to capturing the story of your day and for an eight hour wedding this usually results in about 400-600 images.  I will obviously take far more than this number to ensure that I have got the best shot that I can for each moment.

The process that I like to follow for a wedding is basically as follows.

  • Initial couple meeting.  This is to meet each other and to see if my style is compatible with you, the couple.  I will also establish at this meeting what your expectations are so that I can ensure that I can deliver on these.
  • Subsequent meetings.  These meetings can be required through the process to ensure that all the details have been covered.
  • Venue Visit(s).  I like to visit the venue with you at a similar time of the day that the wedding will be taking place so that we can have a look at the lighting in the actual locations where the various proceedings of the day will be happening.  This will allow me to be prepared with my team to ensure that the best results are achieved.
  • Pre-wedding shoot.  This will allow you and I to become comfortable with each other during the shooting process and I will also have images available to use for a custom guest book or canvas print for the wedding day for each of your guests to sign.
  • Wedding Day.  Well, what can I say, this is the day that it is all about!  I will be at the venue 3 to 4 hours prior to the start time to ensure the various aspects of the preparation are captured.  I will use my second shooter to photograph the groom getting ready while I give my full attention to the bride and her preparation.  All the details of the dress, rings, shoes and other items must all be perfectly captured as well as the emotion that goes into getting ready for one of the most important days in your life.
  • Post-production.  This is where I will need to process all of the digital images taken on the day and produce the final images of the event, this will include the various printed products ordered like albums and canvas prints.  This process will take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

I believe in becoming an integral part of the wedding as I will need to capture the vital moments through the day and the only way for me to do this is to understand the timing, sequence and location of each event, as well as the personalities of the key people involved in the wedding.

The base package includes the following:

  1. Venue visit,
  2. Pre-wedding shoot,
  3. Full wedding day coverage (3-4 hours prior and 8 hours for the actual wedding activities),
  4. CD with low resolution images with my logo for internet usage such as Facebook and other social media platforms.
  5. CD with high resolution images for printing purposes.